Fire Joker

Fire Joker

With Fire Joker, the classic Play’n GO slot machine, you will feel transported back to the 1980s. The casino symbols on the three reels are classic Vegas multiplication tables, the creaking arcade sound takes you back to the days of Donkey Kong and Space Invaders. With that almost everything is said, because Fire Joker thrives on its simplicity, thanks to which every newcomer has a full perspective in a few minutes.

We’ll keep it simple this time. Fire Joker has 3 reels and 3 symbols are shown on each reel. If you press the space bar or click on the spin button with the mouse, the reels will start moving and you will learn the result of this randomly controlled draw. 5 Fire Joker lines are taken into account, the 3 rows and the two diagonals are very elementary. If you have 3 of the same symbols on one of these or several paylines, you are guaranteed a payout. The lines are fixed and cannot be adjusted.

A couple of numbers: limits, payout ratio and volatility

With its online casino payout ratio (RTP value) of 96.15%, the Fire Joker slot machine is in the healthy range for a video slot. You can hope for a wide range of profits, because the volatility is medium – with a slight tendency to be too high. That means, there are often small payouts, but every now and then bigger winnings can be expected. In the game, these are nicely represented by an animated rain of coins and gems as Big Win and Super Big Win. You want to go there.

When it comes to betting limits, the Fire Joker slot machine games are set up in an understandable way for everyone, because you can only insert fixed coin values. In many cases, Fire Joker can also be tested in the casinos with play money. However, these coins can be selected if you use real money for Fire Joker:

  • 5 cents
  • 10 cents
  • 25 cents
  • 50 cents
  • 1 $
  • 1.50 $
  • 2 $
  • 3 $
  • 5 $
  • 10 $
  • 25 $
  • 50 $
  • 100 $

In between, you can’t graduate anything, but you recognize that penny-fun gamers as well as high rollers are picked up by the generous Fire Joker coin value. Important to know and not clearly visible in the machine: Each coin value is divided between the 5 pay lines. So if you throw in 100 $, the stake is 20 $ each and only then will the symbol values ​​be multiplied in the evaluation. In the lower bar you can see your balance, your bet and the last win at any time.

The Fire Joker symbols at a glance

The Fire Joker rules are amazingly simple, but what can you expect when you have three of the same symbols on a line? To do this, let’s just take a look at the Fire Joker pay table, which you can also call up in the slot machine at any time.

So you are dealing with the classic Las Vegas symbols. You have the different fruits, the blue X, the stars, the BAR symbol and of course the legendary 7 as the highest of the normal winning symbols. For example, you can see the payout of x25 here. If you put in the maximum coin value of 100 $ (i.e. 20 $ per line) and hit three sevens on a line, you will be paid 25 times 20 $, i.e. 500 $. Additional paylines are of course added to it.

Your Fire Joker chances of winning are then significantly increased, because the slightly diabolical clown serves as a wild symbol here. The wild symbol replaces any other symbol, so it is sufficient with the clown on the same line if you only get two identical symbols. The clown itself is also a symbol of its own and gives you three times the maximum payout of x80.

These are the 2 additional features in the Fire Joker slot

If you want to play Fire Joker, then you are into elementary slots action. Fire Joker does not have a jackpot, has no scatter symbols and otherwise offers you little in terms of free spins or bonus elements. Therefore, you are in very good hands here, especially in the initial phase. But then two features stand out:

Respin of Fire: Your second chance

Finally, fire comes into play in the Fire Joker explanation. It happens that you get 2 reels with the same symbol (including the clown joker), but the third reel has conspired against you. So if you don’t win anything despite two perfect roles, the third reel catches fire and the “Respin of Fire” starts exclusively on this one. This gives you a second chance and now has a pretty good chance of a payout. However, nothing changes in the calculation in your favor.

Wheel of Multipliers: cream off really thick

Even without a jackpot, you can grab the big pots at Fire Joker. If you should find the same symbol on all 3 reels – the joker also plays in here – your already high win will be increased considerably. Then all the reels burn, the arcade music becomes dramatic and the “Wheel of Multipliers” opens, a wheel of fortune with 12 sections and the values ​​x2, x3, x4, x5 and x10. As you are probably already thinking, your payout will be multiplied by the twisted value.

If you do the math, your Fire Joker winnings can be quite lucrative: You deposit 100 $ and meet the clown on every payline, 9 times. That gives you x80 and in the Wheel of Multipliers you just crack the x10 and get a total of x800. The maximum win at Fire Joker is a casual 80,000 $. If you only use the minimum of 5 cents, this is at least 40 $.

Which is the best Fire Joker online casino?

Thanks to the enormous range of Play’n GO machines, you can play Fire Joker for free in many online casinos. So there is no such thing as THE best Firejoker Casino. So you can just open up and fire up the Fire Joker at your favorite operator. The high popularity of Fire Joker can also be explained by the fact that this slot machine is often used for free spins as part of the bonus offer. Perhaps the best online casinos will give you enough inspiration for future success.

The best Fire Joker strategy?

If you are interested in the Fire Joker slot machine, then you might also ask yourself the question of helpful Fire Joker tips and tricks. But when it comes to improving your payout, gambling is just gambling. You have no influence on the Fire Joker Slot other than starting the random number generator. We have to be honest and ultimately we love our online games of chance for this simplicity.

Our tips to you are therefore limited, as is so often the case, to the general online casino strategy for slot machines. Set limits and run good bankroll management. Only play if you feel good and can get over any loss. Of course, you only use the casinos recommended by us, where your winnings are paid out reliably and securely. In short: make sure that you enjoy your gambling and keep your risks in check.

Otherwise, you can only tweak your gameplay a little. Use the fullscreen mode to get the best graphic experience (even if the simple diamond pattern and the little glitter in the background are of course very spartan). If the initially cool arcade sound annoys you after a while (and it will be after our Fire Joker experience), then just turn it off. And finally, depending on your preference, you can understand and enjoy every round. And if you are looking for a quick win, simply activate Auto-Play or even Fast-Play with shorter rolling times so that you can play with the Fire Joker setting that is best for you personally.

Conclusion: The popular slot machine picks you up again and again

Fire Joker from Play’n GO is a very simple machine with quickly understandable rules. Beginners are in good hands here, while the slot unfortunately does not convey the nostalgia necessary to mutate into a cult classic. The arcade sound clashes with the Vegas symbols, so that there is hardly any real flair. We still think that Fire Joker is an excellent machine with an interesting winning structure and should therefore definitely be tried out by you. You get the opportunity to do so at pretty much every online casino.