Wolf Gold

Wolf Gold

This article is about the Wolf Gold Slot, one of the most popular slot machines currently on the market. The slot machine from Pragmatic Play is currently available at so many online casinos that we of course insist on explaining all the rules to you in the large Wolf Gold game description and, for example, on the free games, the “Blazing Reels” and of course to hit the jackpots. May the wolf howl for you afterwards!

At Wolf Gold you get a medium volatility, which is a little deceptive, as you can often make smaller profits, but the big pots are in the rare free spins and money respins. Accordingly, the RTP value of 96.01% only applies in the overall view, while the payout in the lower ranks can drop to 88%. But this also guarantees the jackpot chance possible at any time, of course more details below.

You will see five reels playing Wolf Gold, three lucky symbols on each one.

These Wolf Gold lines are displayed in this form in a minimalist way on the info pages, otherwise you will unfortunately be left a little alone.

You can neither see in advance by mouseover which combination is possible, nor can you select individual betting lines, for example, only gamble in a very classic way and accordingly only play with the middle five symbols.

So you either have to memorize the lines or you just look after the spin to see which symbols light up as a win.

Variable stakes

In the Wolf Gold Casino everything runs as usual and even beginners can immediately go on a foray through the night. It certainly looks best in full-screen mode, which you always have on your smartphone (where the game runs flawlessly on every device).

When you are on the go, the best setting for Wolf Gold would be the battery-saving mode, in which the animations are reduced, but you can enjoy it for longer. You then set your stakes before the spin using the plus or minus symbol at the bottom right.

The Wolf Gold coin value can be set between 1 and 50 cents and you decide whether you play each line one to ten times.

In total, with 25 lines you will have betting limits between 25 cents and 125 euros, which certainly covers every bankroll management and explains the great popularity of Wolf Gold.

You can decide whether you want to always have online casino real money displayed or only act in proper style with coin values. The Wolf Gold slot machine is also equipped with a play money function in many places.

It all comes down to the Wolf Gold symbols

In the game, you have to get as many identical symbols as possible from left to right on a payline. So if only reels 2 to 5 match, there is no payout on this line.

The buffalo is the most powerful symbol with a 20-fold payout of the total bet for five hits. Behind it comes the bald eagle, then the stallion and finally the puma with a possible quadrupling.

The four classic card values ​​Ace, King, Queen and Jack bring you a maximum of the stake out again per line. Each line is rated individually and then added up so that you can win high in the casino.

Particularly powerful: wolves as pack animals

Wolf symbol in the Wolf Gold slot In addition to the eight basic symbols in the Wolf Gold winnings table, if you are lucky, the wolf, who always announces himself with a howl, will join you.

The wolf is the wild symbol in this real money slot machine, so it replaces the other eight symbols as it is best for you. This game does not serve as a multiplier, as is sometimes the case, but has its own value, which corresponds to that of the buffalo.

The biggest advantage for you: The wilds arrive stacked, so you can look forward to a lot of stacked wilds.

The free spins in the Wolf Gold slot explained

That was the elementary happening in the moonshine prairie, now the very nice subtleties of Wolf Gold come.

2 Wolf Gold chances of winning still await you:

First we look at the scatter symbols, here represented by typical pointed tips of Monument Valley. These are only available on reels 1, 3 and 5 and are only worth something if they appear at the same time. If you get three scatter symbols you get your stake back and you can play the free spins.

Action is now the order of the day. The Wolf Gold rules stipulate 5 free spins and a very special highlight: The same symbol is spun everywhere on the three middle reels, which is replaced by a giant giant symbol.

With these “Blazing Reels Free Spins” you only need the same symbol on the left on one of the three fields and you are sure to have four correct numbers on many different paylines. This can be really lucrative, especially since you also get new scatter symbols in the free game rounds.

If you manage to do three more, there are three additional free spins. The end is only in sight when you reach 5000 times your stake, in the best case 625,000 euros.

The Wolf Gold Statement of Money Respins

How do you get the money pots? The moon is your key to wealth!

The full moon joins the other symbols and always has a euro value. Up to five full moons are completely worthless, but as soon as you have at least six of them somewhere on the reels, the big midnight party is announced.

You end up in the money respins, which work as follows even without special Wolf Gold tricks:

The six moons stop and the Wolf Gold prizes on them are already guaranteed to you. The remaining positions are drawn anew, but only additional moons or empty fields are up for discussion. If you don’t get another full moon within three spins, the round is over and it is settled.

Whenever a new moon is added, the counter starts again with three respins. On the moons there are either more cash prizes or, with luck, even the mini or major jackpot.

You get the mega jackpot exactly when you have covered all 15 fields with moons at the end.

What does the perfect Wolf Gold strategy look like?

With the Wolf Gold Slot you move completely into the world of gambling. Anyone who promises you a profitable online casino strategy is simply lying to you. You get the reels rolling and the random number generator does the rest, neither on the free spins nor on the respins.

Nevertheless, we can give you some Wolf Gold tips of a more general nature here.

As always, look at your bank account, which tells you how much money you have for the online casino. What you pay into the casino must be bearable in any case, otherwise the hours of fun suddenly turn into real problems.

Then you look at your bankroll and consider how high the stake should be at Wolf Gold. Here you can choose between two equally justified philosophies: If you are out for quick and high profit, you bet large shares. Then you either have a lot more money afterwards or the session is over after a few shoots and you wait for your next salary. Mathematically, this is justifiable, but it shouldn’t spark the passion of most.

Instead, we would recommend limiting the bet size to a fraction of the total bankroll and then gambling much longer and in a wider range. If you then throw real money into the machine at Wolf Gold, it is best to forego the adjustable, fast game, which is noticeably more hectic and not at all in accordance with the mystical-relaxed atmosphere.

Conclusion: Wolf Gold deserves its success as one of the best slot machines currently available

That was it, the great Wolf Gold manual. You have learned how the paylines are made up, how the free spins work and what to expect in the jackpot hunt when the moon is full. The prairie wolf hovers above everything, giving this slot a wonderfully positive and at the same time gloomy atmosphere.

We have a lot of fun with Wolf Gold, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to join the ranks of the jackpot crackers. Maybe you will succeed if you try one of the reputable online casinos we have presented.